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17.01.2022 11:24:12
How to Eat Caviar (икра) фото

Nothing says luxury like caviar, perfect for all sorts of party celebrations from New Years to an intimate Valentines Day indulgence or a weekend champagne brunch. If you ever wondered how to serve caviar the Russian way, then this video is for you. And I'm talking about real Russian caviar, the good stuff!

Check out these 4 easy ways to enjoy caviar! Easy appetizers or Russian zakuski that are a little bit fancy!

Check out the recipe for more info!

#caviar #икра

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Фото How to Eat Caviar (икра)
How to Eat Caviar (икра) фотки
How to Eat Caviar (икра) фото
How to Eat Caviar (икра) картинки
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Victor Uwe
16.01.2021 18:04:49
Omg I was thinking about caviar these last few weeks, you read my mind! That last recipe looks very nice and light, I will definetly try it. Please make a video on how to make Blinis! Cheers from Brazil.
alan roney
05.12.2021 01:50:29
Excellent video….
a ahonen
16.01.2021 21:33:47
there is something religious about taking out caviar from a tin can (whole or only with a tin lid) with a spoon made of "neutral" material :-)
M Hsu
15.07.2021 16:58:58
I made blinis using pancake mix. It surprisingly works!
01.06.2021 02:44:14
Ну и акцент , это пиииздец
19.07.2021 06:29:47
The reason for putting caviar on top of hand is to warm it to body temperature & release the aroma.
Андрей Гусев
31.05.2021 22:59:19
damn your butter is yellow. even looks like a margarine
Tatiana Larina
26.11.2021 16:34:21
Cool video and very useful as ideas with what to eat caviar! Alternatively, try Lemberg caviar! She's perfect!